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Featured Artists

Wouter van Soest

1957 -3 artworks
Wouter van Soest werd geboren in 1957 te Hilversum. Wouter van Soest was born in Hilversum, The Netherlands, in...

Abraham Hulk

1813 - 18976 artworks
Abraham Hulk Senior was born on the 1st of May 1813 in London. He was an Anglo Dutch painter, drawer and...

Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn

1817 - 18974 artworks
As a pupil of Andreas Schelfhout, Kleijn painted many winter landscapes with figures skating and sledging on reflective...

Cor Noltee

1903 - 19674 artworks
Born in The Hague, Cor Noltee travelled extensively, living and working in Paris, Rotterdam and Bruges before settling...

Charles Leickert

1816 - 190715 artworks
Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (22 September 1816, Brussels – 5 December 1907, Mainz) was a Belgian painter of Dutch...

Cornelis Raaphorst

1875 - 19543 artworks
Cornelis Raaphorst was an autodidact who began with painting still-lives, later adding flowers and landscapes onto his...

Emile Eisman Semenowsky

1859 - 19111 artwork
Born in Poland, Émile Elsman-Semenowsky emigrated to Paris in the 1880’s where he worked as an assistant to the...

René de Baugnies

1869 - 19621 artwork
Réne de Baugnies was a Belgian painter who was born in Leuven in 1869 and he died in Brussels in 1962. Baugnies is...

Oene Romkes de Jongh

1812 - 18961 artwork
Oene Romkes de Jongh was born in Makkum (Friesland) in 1812 and died in Amsterdam in 1896. He is known for his detailed...

Josef Heimerl

1867 - 19621 artwork
Josef Heimerl was an Autstrian painter. It has been stated that Heimerl was born in 1867 in the city of Vienna, but...

Constant Artz

1870 - 19517 artworks
Constant Artz was born in Paris, the son of David Adolph Constant Artz (1837-1890).  Constant Artz lived and worked in...

Louis Apol

1850 - 193612 artworks
Louis Apol belongs to the most important masters of the Hague School and is best known for his winter landscapes and...