Galerie Terbeek

Echtenerbrug, The Netherlands

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Featured Artists

Anke Birnie

1943 -19 artworks
Anke Birnie is a Dutch sculptor who was born in Doornspijk in 1943. She studied sculpture at the Artibus academy in...

Jozephine Wortelboer

1954 -18 artworks
Jozephine Wortelboer is a Dutch sculptor of birds. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a sculptress and...

Joris August Verdonkschot

1947 -20 artworks
Joris Verdonkschot is a Dutch artist who follows the traditions of figurative sculpture. He is an expressionist. Over...

Simon Pasini

1976 -9 artworks
Simon Pasini was born in Genoa in 1976. When Pasini was 4 years old he moved to South-Africa with his family, where he...

Jantien De Boer

1984 -9 artworks
Jantien De Boer was born in Groningen, the Netherlands in 1984. She attended the Classical Academy for Fine Painting in...

Eva de Visser

1971 -8 artworks
Eva de Visser is a Dutch artist who was born in 1971. She graduated from the St. Joost Art School in Breda as a...

Bert Brus

1964 -7 artworks
Bert Brus was born in 1964 in The Netherlands. He started to draw and paint as a toddler and has been doing so ever...

Emma Stroude

6 artworks
Emma Stroude is a contemporary painter. Born in Berlin, she was educated in London at the University of the Arts and...
Vladimir Tchaikovsky is a Ukrainian painter that extensively works with oil on linen canvas. He depicts local markets...

Hein Severijns

6 artworks
Hein Severijns vases in unusual, delicate shapes appear to have drifted ashore after a shipwreck long ago. All his...

Ian Rawnsley

1961 -5 artworks
Ian Rawnsley is a painter exploring seascape and landscape in both abstract and representational forms. He has...

Mark Dedrie

5 artworks
Mark Dedrie is a Belgian sculptor. From 1983 to 1997, he worked as a bronze caster. Having many artist contacts, he...