Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

84 artworks61 artists

About the art dealer

Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferrdt & De Jonge deals in 16th-18th century maps and charts, town plans and views (typically not younger than 1850), drawings, watercolours and prints (until around 1920).


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Featured Artists

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

1836 - 19129 artworks
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was born on the 8th of January in 1836. He grew up Dronrijp in the Netherlands. He was...

Abraham Ortelius

1527 - 15985 artworks
Abraham Ortelius was born in Antwerp in 1527. He was famous cartographer and geographer from the south of the...

Leonardus Schenk

1696 - 1767
Leonardus Schenk was born in Amsterdam and baptized on the 26th of February 1696. He was a Dutch painter, illustrator,...

Maria Sibylla Merian

1647 - 17173 artworks
Maria Sibylla Merian was born in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main on the second of April in 1647. She was a German-born...

Unknown Artist

211 artworks

Hugues Picart

1641 - 16482 artworks
Hugues Picart was a French engraver. He lived in France He was active between 1641 and 1648. Unfortunately, there is...

Romeyn de Hooghe

1645 - 17082 artworks
Romeyn de Hooghe (1645, Amsterdam – 1708, Haarlem) was an etcher, draftsman of prints, painter, sculptor, goldsmith,...

Matthias de Sallieth

1749 - 17912 artworks
Matthias de Sallieth was born in Prague. He moved to the Northern Netherlands and died in Rotterdam in 1791. His...

Jeremias Wolff

1663 - 17242 artworks
Jeremias Wolff was born in Augsburg and baptized on the first of October in 1663. He was an illustrator, a printmaker,...

Eugène Rensburg

1872 - 19562 artworks
Rensburg was born in The Hague in 1872. He was an etcher, painter and illustrator in the Netherlands. Rensburg...

Matthias Seutter

1678 - 17572 artworks
Matthias Shutter was born in 1678 in Germany. He was one of the most important and prolific German map publishers of...

Frederick de Wit

1630 - 17061 artwork
Frederick de Wit was born in 1629/1630 in Gouda in The Netherlands. He was the founder of a prominent map publishing...