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Featured Artists

Jan Bouman

1945 -17 artworks
Although Jan Bouman (1945) paints in a precise and sharp manner, he does not strive to imitate reality. It is the...

Evert den Hartog

1949 -24 artworks
Evert den Hartog is a Dutch sculptor. He was born in Lieshout, the Netherlands in 1949. Den Hartog attended the...

Gerti Bierenbroodspot

1940 -8 artworks
The Goldsmith Gerti Bierenbroodspot is taking the re-mix of elements from distant cultures to create new visual forms...

Billy und Hells

1965 -19 artworks
Billy und Hells are two photographers: Anke Linz (Nürnberg, 1965) and Andreas Oettinger (Munich, 1963). They met...

Margot Homan

1956 -7 artworks
With her work, Margot Homan wishes to demonstrate that even in these times the pursuit of that higher plane, however...
Arie van ’t Riet is a Dutch radiation physicist who turned the traditional way of using x-ray imagery on its head....

Erwin Meijer

1968 -3 artworks
Erwin Meijer is a Dutch sculptor born in 1968. His sculptures are subtle and have a recognisable personal signature....

Mary Kuiper

2 artworks
The Dutch artist, Mary Kuiper, whose sculptures and drawings are increasingly becoming known and appreciated far beyond...

Bethany de Forest

1966 -2 artworks
Bethany de Forest was born in 1966 and lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a pin-hole photographer and film-maker. De...

Richard Kuiper

1967 -4 artworks
In the 17th century the competition of merchants and nouveaux riches of the Dutch Golden Age of collecting luxury items...

Victor Muller

1976 -14 artworks
Born in Den Helder, The Netherlands - 1976 - A young artist with a considerable and amazing oeuvre. He creates a world...

Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni

1967 -28 artworks
Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni (1967, Rome) descended from an artistic Tuscan family. His grandfather, father, sister and...