About the artist

Dutch painter and artist Anders Wolhar was born in Utrecht in 1969. He began his career in art as a special painter for motorcycles, but after several years on the job he became more and more aware of the urge to create his own art. Overnight, he made the decision to stop with his work as a special painter and began to focus on becoming an artist with his own tone of voice. He lost everything he possessed in life at that time and rebuild himself into the artist he is nowadays.

The paintings Wolhar creates are often pop art related and can be described as painted collages with combined themes such as nature, technique, the supernatural and human beings. Typical for his style are airbrush techniques combined with very quaint clerical and picturesque structures.

Wolhar makes contemporary statues with a slight historical Greek reference. In his work he portrays the relationship between the human, matter and divine. He explores the battle between the divine nature and the greed and ego of mankind, or are those two the same thing? His images are a representation of movement and balance, constructed with a perfect eye for detail. Nothing can stop Wolhar from creating what he has envisioned.