About the artist

Bert Brus was born in 1964 in The Netherlands.
He started to draw and paint as a toddler and has been doing so ever since. In order to make ends meet as a student chemistry he sold pen drawings. As an accomplished artist he has mastered various techniques such as watercolor and oil painting, etching and pen drawing.
Nowadays Brus lives with his family in the more rural eastern part of The Netherlands focusing on oil painting.
Bert Brus is a great admirer of Old Dutch Masters and of the still-life compositions painted after 1660 by Johannes Vermeer in particular.
Like Vermeer he is inspired by his immediate vicinity – people, nature and architecture.

Brus likes to put his audience on the wrong track. Although his paintings are almost realistic, you may feel slightly unsettled by some hidden twist on reality although it may take some time before you discover it. Because of this suspense his paintings of plain objects like a blind, a window or a lamppost are so fascinating.
A linking theme in his work is the abstract notion of time – he uses ‘time’ both as a bridge between past and present as well as an absence of ‘time’.