About the artist

Bhupen Khakhar (also spelled Bhupen Khakkar, born Bombay 10 March 1934 – died Baroda 8 August 2003) Bhupen Khakhar was a leading artist in Indian contemporary art. Bhupen Khakhar was born in Bombay and spent his boyhood in the area called Khetwadi with his parents and three siblings. Bhupen studied Economics and Political Sciences at the University of Bombay. At his family’s insistence he went on to take a Bachelor of Commerce and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Khakhar worked as an accountant for many years, partnering with Bharat Parikh & Associates in Baroda Gujarat India.

During his free time he pursued his artistic inclinations. He became well versed in Hindi mythology and literature, and well informed about the visual arts. In 1958, Khakhar met the young Gujarati poet and painter Ghulam Mohammed Sheikh, who encouraged him to come to the newly founded Faculty of Fine Arts in Baroda. Khakhar was renowned for his unique figurative style and incisive observations of class and sexuality. His paintings are inspired by religion, street culture, Western Art and especially Pop art. He confronted provocative themes, particularly his homosexuality, with rare sensitivity and wit. In the year 2000, Khakhar was honored with the Prince Claus Award at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. His works is included in the collections of the British Museum and The Tate Gallery in London and The Museum of Modern Art in New York.