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Christian Dior SE or Dior, is a French world famous luxury goods company. Dior was founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior. The company designs and produces accessories, jewellery, fragrances, make-up, ready-to-wear and leather goods in the tradition of haute-couture. Their main target audience is women. They do however have a division for men as well as for baby's, called respectively Dior Homme and baby Dior.

The House of Dior was established on 16 December 1946 In Paris by designer Christian Dior. On 12 February 1947, Dior launched his first fashion collection for Spring and Summer in 1947. The first collection was presented in the company's headquarters in Paris. The two lines were named "Corolle" and "Huit", but are now being referred to as the 'New Look'', because it was so revolutionary.

The debut collection of Christian Dior is said to have revived the fashion industry of France. Furthermore, the New Look caused a new interest in haute couture in France because the line was considered glamorous and young-looking. The New Look was characterised by a small waist and an almost full skirt, emphasizing the bust and the hips.

The New Look became extremely popular and has influenced other fashion designers over decades, despite the criticism. Designer Coco Chanel said for example: "Only a man who never was intimate with a woman could design something that uncomfortable." In spite of the criticism, Dior got multiple clients from Hollywood and the European aristocracy. As a result, Paris once again became the capital of the fashion world. In1949, a Christian Dior boutique was opened in New York City. At the end of that year, Dior's products made up 75% of Paris's fashion exports.

In 1950 the general manager of Dior, decided to place the famous name of "Christian Dior" visibly on their luxury goods. This concept turned out to be profitable and became a trend which all couture houses followed and still exists to this day. That same year, Christian Dior was the exclusive designer of the dresses of Marlene Dietrich in the Alfred Hitchcock movie Stage Fright. While expanding to Mexico, Italy, Cuba and Canada in 1953, Dior launched their first shoe line. Dior became a renowned fashion empire.

Prior to his death, Christian Dior was portrayed on the cover of TIME in march 1957. He died from a heart attack later that year. Dior is now regarded to be one of history's greatest fashion figures.

In order to prevent the House of Dior from falling apart, the 21-year-old Yves Saint Laurent was appointed as the new Artistic Director the same year. Laurent was picked out by Christian Dior for the position of Head Assistant and seemed the only appropriate choice. His first collection of Dior was launched in 1958. The clothes were softer, lighter and easier to wear. His designs became increasingly more daring.

Laurent was replaced by designer Marc Bohan in 1960. Bohan instilled his conservative style on the collections. Bohan's designs were very well esteemed by prominent social figures. Dior continued to grow as a brand and started expanding internationally, launching more haute couture clothing lines, perfumes, make-up and jewellery.

Further Dior boutiques were opened in 1990 in upscale New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo shopping districts. The famous perfume J'Adore was launched in 1999. In 2012, Raf Simons was appointed as the new Head of Design at Dior, supposedly starting from scratch with his designs, referring to the old pieces of Christian Dior. Currently, Maria Grazia Chiuri is the Head of Design of the world famous high fashion brand.