Dirk (Theodorus) Verrijk

1734 - 1786

About the artist

Theodorus (Dirk) Verrijk was born in Haarlem, on July 7th, 1734. He was known as a painter, monumental artist, draftsman and copyist.

We know he was employed during the years 1760-1770. Around 1761 Dirk was an independent travelling draftsman of topographic images. He worked in multiple Dutch provinces, Mechelen, Brussels, Paris and Austria. Later, he expanded his working field to landscape painting and decoration of wallpaper. Although he was not as renowned as some of his contemporaries, his drawings were generally popular and in demand.

In 1766 Verrijk had married Adriana Zegers, with whom he raised a son. From 1782 onwards he lived in the Hague together with Maria Margaretha Hollem. When she had passed away, Verrijk remained living in the Hague until his own death at 52 years of age.