About the artist

Edmond Jean Leon Hubert (‘Edmond’) Wingen was born in Maastricht on 8 September 1906, he died in 1970. He lived and worked in Maastricht and from 1936 onwards he lived in The Hague. He is the son of J.L.H.G. Wingen. He studied at the Koninklijke School in Den Bosch and the Middelbare Kunstnijverheidsschool in Maastricht. Afterwards, he was educated at the art academies in Antwerp and Dusseldorf. He was a painter, aquarellist, draughtsman and lithographer. He is specialised in portraits, still-lives, figures and landscapes. He travelled to France and Denmark. He was a member of the Algemeen Katholiek Kunstenaarsverbond, the Nederlandse Kunstkring and the Institute of Arts and Letters. He also was an art teacher at various schools in The Hague and Delft. His work is included in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.