Gerardus Johannes Bos

1825 - 1896

About the artist

Gerardus Johannes Bos was born the Dutch city of Leiden, on April 9th, 1825. He was a renowned Dutch painter, engraver, and lithographer. Bos was born as the son of Christiaan Bos, a watchmaker, and his wife Johanna Maria Domus. Bos himself was married two times: first in 1853, and later in 1887.

Bos was a student of Hendrik Langelaan (1799 - 1879) and J.L. Cornet, and was specialised in the depiction of landscapes and animals. He was most famous for his illustrations of children's novels. Aside from these practices, he ran a lithography shop together with his brother, Christiaan Bos (1835 - 1918).

Bos was a director of the Leiden Academy for Painting and Drawing Ars Aemula Naturae, although he was assigned other, religious and non-religious, established and paid positions in Leiden.
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