About the artist

Guillaume de l’Isle, also spelled Guillaume Delisle (1675, Paris – 1726, Paris), was a French cartographer. His father Claude de l’Isle studied law, but he also taught history and geography. Guillaume was a very talented son, who would soon assist in the family workshop drawing maps for the historical books of his father.

De l’Isle became a member of the Académie Royale des Sciences, henceforth signing his maps with ‘Géographe de l’Académie.’ In 1718 he received the title of Premier Géographe du Roi. Afterwards his task constituted in teaching geography to the Dauphin, the son of Louis XIV. The accomplishments of Guillaume as cartographer surpassed his father’s. He has drawn maps of European countries and the recently explored continents of Africa and the Americas as well. De l’Isle’s Carte de la Louisiana et du Cours du Mississippi (1718) is a masterpiece of French cartography, and the Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France (1703) is the first map to correctly depict the latitude and longitude of Canada.