Hojat Amani

1978 -

About the artist

Born in 1978, Hojat Amani is an Iranian multi-talented artist. In 2001, he received a diploma in Fine Art at the School of Higher Education in Isfahan, Iran and in 2003, he received another in Persian Calligraphy Society. Raised in a very traditional family, Hojat Amani began working as a calligrapher during his teenage years. For the artist, calligraphy has been a signifier of liberation and purification, which through its repetition he feels acts as a mantra. Wanting to move away from traditional forms of art, Amani left home in search of contemporary methods of expression. During his time at university, he was introduced to art history, and became interested in integrating the modern and traditional. His goal was to give viewers a cathartic purification and a promise of freedom from the difficulties of contemporary life. Amani’s work has been shown widely throughout Tehran, as well as in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Europe, Kuwait, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In addition, the artist has participated in art residencies in London and Lithuania.

Selected exhibitions:
2015: Afghan, Pakistan and Iranian Calligraphy, Chawkhandi Gallery, Karachi
2014: “7 seen”, Haleh Art gallery, Munich
2013: Neo Pop Art, Walnut Contemporary Art gallery, Toronto
2012: “Train to Tehran”, Opera, London