Jan van de Velde

1568 - 1620

About the artist

Jan van de Velde was born in the year 1569 and originated from city of Antwerp in the Southern Netherlands, he died in the year 1623 in Haarlem.
His profession was engraving.
He left Antwerp to live in Delft around the year 1588.
Jan van de Velde married Mayke van Bracht in 1592 in Rotterdam, and they gave birth to the painter Jan van die Velde (II) a year after they married.
In the same year Jan married his wife, he was called the master of writings at the Latin School in Rotterdam.
In 1605 his work "Spieghel der schrijfkonste, in den welcke ghesien worden velerhande Gheschriften" appeared in Rotterdam which dealt with information about calligraphies and fonts.
He moved to Haarlem in 1620 and remained there until his death.