About the artist

Each sculpture by Jos Dirix revolves around the cyclical nature of life and respect for nature. Dirix injects soul and inner fire into every sculpture he creates, by making its essence fully visible and above all intensely tangible. The sheer power of the bull, the life force of a young foal in the meadow or the ecstatic power of the female figure, all of them are full of vitality and dynamism. In a game combining realistic observation with imagination, Dirix creates his sculptures in bronze, in a continuous, dynamic interaction with the material. ‘The core aspect of every movement, whether of people or animals, is that there is no beginning and no end. There is just space, it’s an open story,’ states Dirix.

Dirix lives close to nature in a renovated traditional farmhouse in the village of Neer, Central Limburg, on the edge of the Leudal nature reserve. His home includes his studio and also stables for his own Icelandic horses. He has contact with those noble beasts every day: riding out with them in the natural beauty of the countryside. Balance and rhythm combined in perfect harmony. A feeling which Jos also experiences in another of his passions: practising the Japanese martial art of jujitsu. Attacking and withdrawing in a balanced, almost spiritual dance. It is precisely these sensations of dynamism and vitality in a spatial experience that inspire Jos Dirix to create his expressive, authentic bronze sculptures.