About the artist

Khaled Akil was born into an artistic family as the son of established Syrian painter Youssef Akil.
He graduated from Beirut Arab University with a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science in 2009. After graduating, the self-taught photographer returned to Syria just prior to that

nation’s Civil War, where he sought to discuss Syrian complexities through his artwork.
Akil boldly examines some of the most difficult issues facing contemporary Middle Eastern society, and in particular, he addresses social, political and sexual contradictions. His work is a “hybrid of photography and painting.”

Selected exhibitions:
2015: International Discoveries V, FotoFest, Houston
2013: Chalabi Art Gallery, Istanbul
2012: Lahd gallery, London
2011: Karma Art Gallery, Aleppo
Key collections:
Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah