About the artist

Krementz was first established by a group of investors with the objective of producing Fine jewelry.
Krementz Co. started making men's stud and collar buttons in late 1884 and sometime in the early 1930s they then started making women's jewelry after the collar button went out of style. They produced jewelry mainly studs and collar buttons with the mark of "Krementz" in block lettering starting in 1884. They continued to use the mark at a later date for women's jewelry. The mark of a "umbrella" with double curved handle was first used to mark items in 1896. "Krementz =" in script is their current mark. Their process of high pressure welded rolled gold overlay is one of the best in the business. The costume jewelry was made to look like the real thing and this makes Krementz jewelry fairly easy to recognize to the trained eye and highly collectable. The company is now owned and operated by "The Colibri Group" and continues to produce "Krementz" along with "Van Dell" jewelry.