Lulwa Al Khalifa

1968 -

About the artist

Born in 1968 in Bahrain, Lulwa Al-Khalifa graduated with a BA in Literature from Boston University, USA. Lulwas is a self-taught painter who is not bound by the norms of instruction or convention. She never had any formal education in art, however she believes that art is instinctive and should be expressed without reservation. Her paintings are contemporary and abstract and everything inspires her from Dali, to Aerosmith's guitar riff or a bird on her balcony.

Selected Exhibitions:
2016: Art Wynwood Miami, Vogelsang Gallery, New York
2016: Art Fair, Vogelsang Gallery, New York
2016: Gallery Elena Shchukina online, London
2016: “Baab” at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2015: Art Hamptons, Vogelsang Gallery, New York