About the artist

Mathieu Criaerd was born in 1689, into a family of furniture makers in Brussels. Mathieu himself became a master on July 29, 1738. He worked from the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, where he was employed for the Marchand-Mercier Hébert, who supplied furniture to the garde-meuble Royale. Some of the most beautiful furniture produced by this firm is thus signed with the stamp of Criaerd.

The importance of Criaerds company becomes evident from an inventory made upon the death of his wife in 1768. This particular list mentions thirteen employees and 71 pieces of furniture, of which 33 commodes. Chests of drawers in lacquer and ‘Vernis Martin’, as well as marquetry in bois de violet and satin were a specialty of Criaerd’s during his personal grande époque, 1740-1755. In 1770 Mathieu retired. He sold his stock and leased his workshop to his youngest son. 6 Years later, aged 87, Mathieu passed away. Furniture of his hand is signed MCRIAERD, not to be confused with the signature of both his sons, also woodworkers: M.CRIARD. Matieu Criaerd was undoubtedly one of the most important representatives of the Louis XV style in the Rocaille period, 1735-1755.