Riyadh Ne'mah

1968 -

About the artist

Riyadh Ne’mah was born in Baghdad in 1968. He holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Baghdad in 1992. Ne’mah’s art depicts overwhelming contrasts of color, where lines are sharp and random, and where the paint is essentially lyrical.
His abstract and erratic canvases are like songs, and his dynamic brushwork, somber palette and anonymous subjects evoke a self-reflection and a lost childhood.
With his range of eerie, implicit narratives, he tells the tale of his nation, fragmented by

isolation and its confused political situation. In the whirlwind of suffering and loss, Ne’mah rediscovers identity and brings humanity back to life through paint.
He has exhibited in many galleries in the Arab world such as Rafia Gallery in Damascus, the Courtyard Gallery in Dubai, the Dar al Anda Gallery in Amman.
Selected Exhibitions
2013: The Venue Gallery, Beirut
2011: Dar al Anda Gallery, Amman
2011: Rafia Gallery, Damascus
2009: Courtyard Gallery, Dubai