Sumaya Abdul Ghani

1970 -

About the artist

Born in 1970 in Bahrain, Sumaya Abdul Ghani is specialised in photography, collage and mixed media. She seeks to promote Islam’s enlightening nature by creating rhythmic and organic patterns that constitute forms of Islamic art.
Abdul Ghani’s interest in the symbolic separation of good and evil, led the artist to fulfill a need to promote the message of good deeds by turning photographic images of the symbolic stones into attractive and delicate designs.
She developed the concepts of her works after extensive research of morality and purity in religion. Abdul Ghani’s vernacular patterns symbolically eliminate negativity towards Islam and introduce the faith’s theological and philosophical beauty.
In 2014 Abdul Ghani participated in a collective exhibition at the Maraya Art Center, Sharjah.

Selected exhibitions:
2014: Maraya Art Center