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Shi Bao Fang

3 artworks
Daniel Ricardo González is a photographer from Southern Germany and a talented all-rounder. He...

Zhang Haying

3 artworks
Zhang Haying is born in 1972 in Beijing and is known for his ‘Anti-Vice Campaign’ painting series. This...
The Chinese artist Zhang Xiang Ming is universally acclaimed. This young talented painter showed himself to be a...

Olle Ollson

4 artworks
Olle Olsson is a photographer from Sweden. Olle is a radical innovator in neuroscience and later became a...

Zhong Qin

9 artworks

Zhang Yong

9 artworks
For Chinese sculptor Zhang Yong working in his spacious studio “is like sitting in a boat and crossing the...

Pia Ji You

3 artworks
Pia Ji You (born 1966 in Jilin, China) graduated from the Tianjin Academy/Sculpture & Painting in 1993. His first...

Huo Yushan

4 artworks
Huo Yushan comes from Jin Zhou, China. Huo graduated from Luxun Art University in 1987. He then studied oil painting...