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Henri Wormser was born in France, 1909. He lived and worked in Paris throughout his entire life. He belongs to the...

Jozephine Wortelboer

1954 -18 artworks
Jozephine Wortelboer is a Dutch sculptor of birds. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a sculptress and...

Zao Wou-ki

1921 - 20131 artwork
Throughout the world, ZAO Wou-Ki has been acknowledged as one of the greatest contemporary painters. Born in Peking in...

Michaelina Woutiers/ Wautier

1617 - 16891 artwork
Michaelina Woutiers was born in 1617. She was a painter from the Southern Netherlands. She was active from 1643 in...

Karen Wright

1 artwork
Karen Wright is an Australian artist and her works are in the aboriginal style.

Petra Wunderlich

1954 -2 artworks
Petra Wunderlich was born in 1954 in Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. She studied at École Nationale...

Rodolphe Paul Wytsman

1860 - 19271 artwork
Rodolphe Paul Wytsman (1860, Dendermonde – Linkebeek, 1927), also spelt Rodolf Paul Wijtsman, was a Belgian painter....

Chen Xi

1966 -4 artworks
Chen Xi was born in Shanghai in 1966, and moved to Austria in 1993. Chen Xi was trained in mastering traditional ink...

Juane Xue

1962 -19 artworks
Juane Xue, of Chinese descent, was born in 1962 in Kaifeng, Henan, China and is a very talented and diverse artist. At...

Tomoko Yasuda

1 artwork
Tomoko Yasuda is a passionate autodidact photographer.

Fadi Yazigi

1966 -2 artworks
Born in Damascus 1966, Fadi Yazigi’s work has been exhibited in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt, as well...
Osamu Yokonami is a Japanese photographer, born in 1967, in Kyoto, Japan. He lives and works in Tokyo. In 1989, he went...

Omran Younis

1971 -1 artwork
Omran Younis is born in 1971 in Al-Hasakah, Syria. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus in 1998 then...

Yahya Youssef

1939 -1 artwork
Yahya Gaber Youssef was born in Cairo in 1939. He was educated at the Kunstgewerbe Schule in Aachen, Germany and from...
Danielle van Zadelhoff was born in Amsterdam, Holland. Now she lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2013 she...

Jan Adam Zandleven

1868 - 19231 artwork
Jan Adam Zandleven (1868, Koog aan de Zaan – 1923, Rhenen) was a Dutch self-taught painter. He lived and worked in...

Robert Zandvliet

1970 -1 artwork
Robert Zandvliet (1970, Terband, Province of Friesland, The Netherlands) is a Dutch painter. From 1987 to 1992, he...

Abraham van der Zee

1882 - 19581 artwork
Abraham van der Zee (1882, Schiedam – 1958, Rheden) was a Dutch painter and draughtsman. He trained under Frits...

Jan van der Zee

1898 - 1988
Jan van der Zee was a Dutch visual artist who was born in 1898. Jan van der Zee has had several gallery and museum...

Lambertus Zijl

1866 - 19471 artwork
Lambertus Zijl was a Dutch sculptor, medallist and decorative artist. From 1881 on, he went to the...
Karel Zijlstra (1958, Leeuwarden), also spelled Karel Zylstra, is a Dutch sculptor and photographer. He trained at the...

Francesca Zijlstra

1950 -1 artwork
Francesca Zijlstra is a Dutch sculptor and painter from Harlingen who predominantly works with bronze, stone and wood....

Philippe Zilcken

1857 - 19301 artwork
Charles Louis Philippe Zilcken was a Dutch artist and writer. He was born in The Hague in 1857, the place where he...
Born in 1975, Andreas studied Photography in Düsseldorf and looks back on a successful career as professional...
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