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Ludwig Wilding

1927 - 2010
Ludwig Wilding (19 May 1927 – 4 January 2010) was born on the 19th of May in 1927. He was born in Grünstadt,...
Gérard Willemenot (1943, Parijs, Frankrijk) kiest na 20 jaar werken als Architect voor zijn levenslange...

Henk Willemse

1915 - 19801 artwork
Henk Willemse was a Dutch artist. During his career, he was very involved in actions and plans to improve the social...
Unfortunately nothing is known about this artist. He probably studied at the Royal Academy of Arts and has travelled to...

Patrick Willocq

1969 -1 artwork
Patrick Willocq has been a self-taught artist photographer for the last 25 years. He was born in 1969 and he grew up in...
Edmond Jean Leon Hubert (‘Edmond’) Wingen was born in Maastricht on 8 September 1906, he died in 1970. He lived and...

Jan Wingen

1874 - 1956
Jan Wingen was a Dutch draftsman and painter. Until the 1930s, he owned a business that produced wall paintings on...
Joseph-Thaddeus Winnerl was an Austrian chronometer maker, established in Paris.
Little is known about this artist.
Anthonie de Winter (1652/1653, Utrecht – 1707/1717, Amsterdam) was a printmaker, publisher and art-dealer. He was...

Janus de Winter

1882 - 19511 artwork
Janus De Winter worked in the nineteenth-century tradition of the 'translation' of music into abstract shapes and...

Charles Wirgman

1832 - 18911 artwork
Charles Wirgman was born on the 31th of August in 1832. He was an English artist and cartoonist, the creator of the...

Frederick de Wit

1630 - 1706
Frederick de Wit was born in 1629/1630 in Gouda in The Netherlands. He was the founder of a prominent map publishing...

Gerard de Wit

1931 - 2010
Gerard de Wit was born in 1931. His work can be classified as traditional, yet innovative. Throughout his life, de Wit...

Jacob de Wit

1695 - 1754
Jacob de Wit was an important Dutch artist and interior decorator from Amsterdam. He is best known for his religious...

Hans Withoos

1962 -1 artwork
The career of the Dutch photographer Hans Withoos (1962) spans more than twenty years, during which he combined his...

Matthias Withoos

1627 - 1703
The Dutch artist Matthias Withoos is famous of his still lifes and city scenes with his characteristic details of...

E.S. Witkamp

1854 - 18971 artwork
Ernest Sigismund Witkamp was a Dutch painter, draftsman, watercolourist and etcher. He received his education at the...

Willem Witsen

1860 - 19234 artworks
Willem Witsen was a Dutch artist who was born in Amsterdam on 13 September 1860. He died in Amsterdam on 13 April 1923....

Nicolaes Witsen

1641 - 1717
Nicolaes Witsen (8 May 1641-10 August 1717) was a Dutch statesman who was mayor of Amsterdam thirteen times, between...

Jonas Witsen

1676 - 1715
Jonas Witsen belonged to the famous Amsterdam Witsen family. Various members of this family held important municipal...

Jeremias Wolff

1663 - 1724
Jeremias Wolff was born in Augsburg and baptized on the first of October in 1663. He was an illustrator, a printmaker,...

Michael Wolgemut

1434 - 1519
Michael Wolgemut, also spelled Wohlgemut or Wohlgemuth, was a celebrated Gothic painter and printmaker. In 1471 he...
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