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Dolf Breetvelt

1892 - 1975
Adolf Breetvelt, also called Dolf Breetvelt, was a visual artist born in Delft on 31 December 1892, he died in...

Co Breman

1865 - 19381 artwork
Co Breman was born in the city of Zwolle in 1865. He was a Dutch mural painter, graphic, decor painter, painter and...

Johan Briedé

1885 - 1980
Johan Briedé (1885-1980), also known as J.B. de Chateauroux, was a Dutch graphic designer from Rotterdam. In 1910 he...

Sami Briss

4 artworks
Sami Briss was born in 1929, in Briss, Romania. He spent his childhood in a Jewish community, which is why he still...

Herman Brood

1 artwork

Lodewijk Bruckman

1903 - 19951 artwork
Lodewijk Karel ‘Loki’ Bruckman was born on August 14, 1903 in the city of the Hague. He was known as a Dutch magic...

Charles Camoin

1879 - 19656 artworks
Charles Camoin (23 September 1879-20 May 1965) was a French painter, born in Marseille. There he got to know Henri...

Eugene Carrière

1849 - 1906
Eugene Carriere (Gournay, Seine-et-Oise, 1849 - Parijs, 1906) was a French painter and printmaker. He started his...

Arnout Colnot

1887 - 19831 artwork
Arnout Colnot (1887) was a pupil at the workshop of Jan Maandag in Amsterdam, here he was educated in art. He did not...

Claus Costa

1971 -3 artworks
Claus Costa is a Brazilian artist. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he moved to the south of Brazil wheb he was five to live on...

Jan Cremer

5 artworks
Hermanius (Henri) Anthonius van Daalhoff was a Dutch painter. He was self-educated and mainly painted still lifes,...

Raphael De Buck

1902 - 1986
Raphael de Buck (1902, Ghent – 1986, Ghent), also called Raf de Buck, was a Belgian painter, aquarellist and...

Henri De Groux

1866 - 1930
Henri de Groux (1866-1930) is a Belgian sculptor and painter who is best known for his symbolist compositions towards...

Jef De Pauw

1888 - 1930
Jef de Pauw was a Belgian painter who born in Sint-Nicolaas-Waas in 1888, he died in Tami-se in 1930. At the beginning...

Léon De Smet

1881 - 19664 artworks
Léon de Smet (1881, Ghent, Belgium – 1966, Deurle, Belgium) was a Belgian luminist, impressionist, expressionist and...

William Degouve de Nuncques

1867 - 19354 artworks
William Degouve de Nuncques (also Nunques; 28 February 1867 – 1 March 1935) was a Belgian painter. He was born at...

André Derain

1880 - 19541 artwork
André Derain was a French painter, sculptor and the co-founder of Fauvism with Henri Matisse. He began to study...

Johan Dijkstra

1896 - 19786 artworks
Johan Dijkstra was a major Dutch Expressionist. He lived and worked in Groningen, where, along with artists like Jan...

Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof

1866 - 19243 artworks
Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof was born in Zwollerkerspel, on the 2nd of August, 1866. Dijsselhof was a painter and a...

Jacobus Doeser

1884 - 1970
Jacobus Doeser was a Dutch painter, draftsman and lithographer of landscapes, portraits and flowers. He was born in...

Jean-Gabriel Domergue

1889 - 19621 artwork
Jean-Gabriel Domergue was born on March 4th 1889 in Bordeaux, France. He was a French painter specialising in...

Willem Dooijewaard

1892 - 19801 artwork
Willem Dooijewaard was born in 1892 in Amsterdam, he was schooled at the Rijksschool voor Kunstnijverheid in Amsterdam...