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Unknown Artist

A Dutch Louis XV mirror, ca. 1740 1739 - 1741

119 ⨯ 50 cm
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Kollenburg Antiquairs

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The mirror has a carved frame decorated with stylized leaf motifs. The fronton is flanked by stylized hexagonal pavilions with high windows. The decoration consists of C-volutes and rocaille ornamentation. The lower part of the framework is decorated with mainly symmetrical stylized C-volutes and leaf motifs in the center and on the corners.

Typical for furniture made in Maastricht is the architectural element that is integrated in the rocaille and is sometimes called “motif perspectif”. Not only in furniture, but also in architecture and silver objects made in Maastricht in the 18th century this motif is frequently used.

Throughout the eighteenth century mirrors are put up over the fireplace or between windows. As such they were an integral part of the interior. Often mirrors were flanked by wall sconces or candelabra, to get maximum benefit of the candle light. Large mirror were costly in the day and were the showpieces in an interior to demonstrate wealth.
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