A view of old Katwijk by Kaspar Karsen
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A view of old Katwijk 1879

Kaspar Karsen

Oil paintPanelPaint
32 ⨯ 49 cm
€ 21.000

Simonis & Buunk

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About the artwork

The Amsterdam painter Kasper Karsen trained with his uncle, the city and landscape artist George Westenberg. He later took classes at the municipal academy and with the painter Hendrik ten Cate. He specialised in city and river views: these were not topographic depictions but fantasy images in which he took elements from reality and combined them into an entirely new whole. Karsen travelled abroad at an early age, visiting Bretagne and travelling along the Rhine and Danube to Austria, among others. The ancient cities with their towers and squares, the imposing bridges and the quays with sailing craft can all be traced in his work.

About the Artist

Kasparus (Kasper) Karsen was a Dutch artist. At young age his uncle, the artist George Westenberg, trained Karsen. Later on he got classes of the painter Hendrik ten Cate at the municipal academy.

Karsen mainly specialized in cityscapes and rivers views in a classic, romantic style. He combined reality with fantasy in his work to create an entirely new whole. Elements of ancient’s cities he came across during his journeys, such as towers, squares and bridges can all be traced in his work.