Arlene Diehl o-68-14 by Arlene Diehl
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Arlene Diehl o-68-14 2015

Arlene Diehl

95 ⨯ 58 cm
€ 990

Art Gallery O-68

  • About the artist

    Arlene Diehl (1957) studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School, and moved in 1990 to San Francisco. Arlene says: “My work has evolved from a lifelong love for, fascination with, and sense of reverence for the human form. I have also been deeply committed over the years to the process of drawing, finding in it time and again an emotional and visceral immediacy that has served my deeper purposes. The process requires of me a very deep letting off of the brakes of any preconceived notions I may have had for that new drawing”. Diehl regularly has exhibitions in galleries in California and participated in the Biennale of Florence. Her work is in private collections in the US, Canada, UK, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico and Brasilia. In the Netherlands she had an exhibition at O-68 in 2014. Images of her work are included in the book by Thomas de Neve ‘Tussen malaise en magie, Theater in het leven, Leven in het theater’ (2012) (pp 123,124,183). Querido used an image of her work for the cover of the book by Gustaaf Peek: ‘Godin, held’.

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