Cebra de Grant (grant's zebra) by Esmeralda van Malde
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Cebra de Grant (grant's zebra) 2019

Esmeralda van Malde

Mixed media
31 ⨯ 25 ⨯ 27 cm
€ 3.250


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Esmeralda van Malde Born: 29-01-1977 Brunssum/ Netherlands Over the years and my visits to different countries; especially Mexico, I was inspired by the shapes, colors, people, beliefs, nature and animals. In most of my works, you will also see Mexican influences mixed with Asian influences and other cultures and beliefs. So I came up with the idea to create a collection "Colours of Life" it consists of applied art at several decoration and interior objects including real longhorn skulls. One of my challenges is an everyday -maybe it boring / forgotten object, make a colorful artistic piece, something you can not ignore. In addition, I want to see what else is possible with glass beads and I try skulls (from the collection of applied art: Colours of life) in this way to blow into a second new life. I want to show the world what beautiful things you can create when you put everything together, by mixing colors, human influences, animals, cultures, beliefs and forms, you get a unique artistic eye catcher! I will certainly unleash a certain feeling to the viewer, so I associate my art ever with: Art with a wink.

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