Classic Jesse by Willeke Timmer
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Classic Jesse 2020

Willeke Timmer

Original oil on canvasAirbrush
€ 850

Dutch Art House

  • About the artist
    'Dark and colorful at the same time'

    Since decades her style has developed from ‘one like the great masters’ into one of her own. It’s best described as slightly realistic with a magical touch. Her paintings are dark and colorful at the same time and portraits are her favorite. She always tries to catch the persons character, or better she catches what she sees in them. She loves to paint people who have the guts to be theirselves. No nonsense, as long as they respect other people and don’t harm others. In Willeke’s paintings, the face is often detailed while the surroundings are corse and blurry.

    Willeke also paints on commission. So when you want an original portrait or still life from her hand, please contact us!

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