Closer by Erika Toliusis
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Erika Toliusis

Closer 2020

CanvasPaintOil paint
80 ⨯ 80 ⨯ 4 cm
€ 4.400

Gallery The Obsession of Art

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Erika Toliusis (UY)
Familiar and surprising at the same time, that is often the first reaction when seeing the paintings of Erika Toliusis. Looking deeper for longer gives the feeling of liberating energy. Energy of optimism, growth, of infinite possibilities. Images of works by Turner, Homer or Bierstadt often spontaneously appear. Without affecting the unique energy in the works of Erika. The energy that is crucial for our survival, and our comfort zone that we experience so essential.

Artist quote:
"My will to paint comes from the innate urge to capture the magic of the moment, the light and perhaps a subtle sense of higher wisdom. I paint and rejoice in the freedom that makes it possible to create and recreate our world. A world full of wonders, with magical landscapes, oceans and a rhythm of constant transformation. Nature makes us all one, it unites all living things.

Erika was born in Uruguay and studied at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Montevideo and at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts-USA. She herself names her grandfather as the most important role model and teacher. He taught her a completely unique way of looking at nature. Her earliest experiments with paint soon taught her that the brush is not all there is. Oil is her material and the palette knife is her instrument. Erika Toliusis is exclusively represented in the Benelux by The Obsession of Art.