Composition by Geer van Velde
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Composition 1945

Geer van Velde

20.80 ⨯ 26.90 cm
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Frans Jacobs Fine Art

  • About the artwork
    Date: Ca. 1945.
    Gouache on paper.
    Size: 20.8 x 26.9 cm.
  • About the artist

    Geer van Velde belongs to the pre-eminent artists of the post-war École de Paris. Originally Geer van Velde was a house painter.

    Geer joined his brother Bram in Paris in 1925 to develop his artistic talent further. At first, he made figurative-expressionist work. However, especially after his move to the South of France in 1938, he found his own style, influenced by the Mediterranean light: reality pared down to vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines and filled-in areas of colour. In this, the depiction of a pale, filtered light played a major role. Until 1940 figures and objects were still recognisable in his work. He died in France in 1977.

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