Conformation by Diederik Storms
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Conformation 2018

Diederik Storms

PlexiglassWoodSteelMetalPhotographic print
36 ⨯ 33 ⨯ 8 cm
€ 2.700


  • About the artist

    I was born and raised in The Hague. At a young age I knew I had to be a sculptor. In 1997 I graduated at the Art Academy in Enschede (Aki). In the year 2000 I settled in the village Bellingwolde in the North of the Netherlands. In addition to sculpting, I opened an art gallery with a large art garden. I also worked several years as a supervisor at an art studio for people with intellectual disabilities. In 2017 I moved to Noordwolde, near the city of Groningen.

    My inner drive and passion to create things has always prevailed over doing anything else. In the year 2006 I decided therefore to focus on making art. My work is regularly shown in national and international exhibitions and galleries.

    Nature, more than anything else, confronts me with the question of what is invisibly present behind all that is alive. For that reason my sculptures often contain parts of old natural forms, such as tree trunks, petrified wood and old windswept trees. The hard materials, the cold steel and weather-beaten wood, oppose the light, clear plexiglass. The transparancy of this material offers a literal spyhole on that which also could be, a suggestion of another hushed reality. In this, light plays an important role. The different shades of light intensity of the plexiglass give a continuously changing view of the visible image. In a way they expose something of the essence behind it.


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