Cuatro (8/8) by Jesús Curía Perez
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Cuatro (8/8) 2022

Jesús Curía Perez

50 ⨯ 35 ⨯ 13 cm
€ 2.990


  • About the artwork
    35 x 50 x 13 cm
    Sculptuur in oplage
    € 2.990
  • About the artist

    Jesús Curía Perez is a contemporary sculptor and artist from Spain. The natural elegance of non-European cultures have always been a source of inspiration to him. Thus, in his work he mainly displays his passion for African and Asian cultures. One, main ideal ties his oeuvre together: he wants people to stand up as one, and work together to a universal population.

    The equality of humanity is our most important right. His depictions combine figurative, human elements with abstract shapes. The eye of the viewer is captured because the alienated provides a sense of unity."Jesús Curiá's sculptures arouse something more than purely aesthetic pleasure.

    We can analyze his work rationally and emphasize the quality of its textures and its patinas, the roundness of its shapes, the bold combination of materials, the play on space, movement or hieratic attitude, but in his case, the final result is infinitely superior to the sum of its parts. Jesús Curiá achieves a special magnetism in his sculptures, a halo of mystery that attracts us and responds to the deepest vibrations of our soul."

    Pepa Quinteiro, Art Critic

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