Different Times  by Anne Francoise Ben-Or
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Different Times 21th century

Anne Francoise Ben-Or

CanvasOil paintPaint
80 ⨯ 70 cm
€ 4.200

Gallery The Obsession of Art

  • About the artist

    Vulnerability and harmony are essential drivers for Anne Francoise. The vulnerability that enables people to live together in dignity so much better. The harmony of a world in peace.

    Quote of Anne: ‘The shapes, lines and colors threw me a challenge, and with them I try to put onto the canvas the thing that I saw and with which I fell in love. The thing which gave me the feeling that I am alive. This attempt, when I succeed, is like praying.

    To show her profound message in the works she ‘snaps’ her subjects in the moments when tenderness of deeper inner experiences radiate in the most magical way. Her perception shows irresistible, again and again the pureness of each wonderful first discovery. Works of Ben-Or are presented by leading international galleries and is represented in important public and private collections. 

    Market feedback:

    • Unique in color and impact. As strong as tender. Straight to the heart

    • Very special, not only in pallet and composition. Mainly by emotion.

    • Disrupting, first making me uncomfortable, then a feeling of harmony and inner peace 
 overwhelmed me. Awesome!

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