Dorpsstraat Ameland by Johan Dijkstra
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Dorpsstraat Ameland 1925 - 1928

Johan Dijkstra

73 ⨯ 98 cm
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About the artwork

Wax paint on canvas
73 x 98,5 cm.

Provenance: Private collection, The Netherlands.

Johan Dijkstra style was inspired by the work of Van Gogh and the Luminists in the early twenties. His paintings develop between 1921 and 1924 entirely in line with this great master from almost monochrome dark to pointillist. He stood outside the expressionism of the other Ploeg members, who, like Jan Wiegers, had become acquainted with the art and ideas of E.L. Kirchner, but at first they followed Dijkstra with more enthusiasm and fidelity. Dijkstra always choosed his subjects from Groningen's rural or urban life; he also painted portraits of fellow Ploeg members. The same themes are reflected in his chart, with which he, already experimenting, reached a high level.

Village street Ameland is an example of his more expressionistic period, where he worked with lively colors in a wax technique to express his emotions on the canvas.

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Johan Dijkstra was a major Dutch Expressionist. He lived and worked in Groningen, where, along with artists like Jan Wiegers and Jan Altink, he was a member of De Ploeg painters' circle. His subject matter was chiefly the local landscape and portraits.
He also made expressive sketches of everyday life on the streets and in the cafes. Influenced by German Expressionism, Kirchner’s use of colour became increasingly bolder between 1923 and 1929 and his forms freer.