East-Friesland by Abraham Ortelius
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Abraham Ortelius

East-Friesland 1598

37 ⨯ 50 cm
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East Friesland, Ostfriesland – “Frisia Orientalis”

Beautiful map of east Frisian islands and the northwestern tip of Germany. With people in local costumes. Nicely ornamented inset of the Eems estuary. Based on a manuscript map of Jan Bloemaert or Johannes Florianus.

Published by Abraham Ortelius in Antwerp 1598. Coloured by a later hand. Verso: French text. Size: 37,7 x 50,2 cm.

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Abraham Ortelius was born in Antwerp in 1527.
He was famous cartographer and geographer from the south of the Netherlands.
Ortelius was the founder of the modern Atlas, and can be seen as one of the great Geographers of his time.
Ortelius' family originated from the German city Augsburg.
In1547 Ortelius performed as colorer of maps in the guild of Saint-Lucas in Antwerp.
He shortly lived in England and Liege after 1576 for political reasons.
After this he returned to Antwerp where he lived until he died in 1598