Egyptische Jachtknecht by Willem van Konijnenburg
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Egyptische Jachtknecht 1922

Willem van Konijnenburg

Black chalkPaperChalk
90 ⨯ 90 cm
€ 5.700

Studio 2000 Art Gallery

  • About the artwork
    Provenance: auction Gijselman, Singer Museum Laren, 15 mei 1990, lot 1866
    Dutch private collection
  • About the artist

    Willem van Konijnenburg was born in The Hague on the 11th of February in 1868.

    He was a Dutch painter, water-colorist, illustrator, grapher, and etcher.
    He was educated at the Academy of Arts in The Hague.

    After his education he worked in Maastricht, Limburg, Scheveningen and even Paris.
    He was the pupil of Arnoud Gerkens, Eduard Kerling, and Johan Philip Koelman. But his primary lessons in art were given by Willem's mother.

    Van Konijnenburg died in The Hague on the 28th of February in 1943.

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