Er op uit by Peter Keizer
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Er op uit 2000 - 2017

Peter Keizer

Oil paintPaint
145 ⨯ 165 cm
€ 7.400

Gallery De Twee Pauwen

  • About the artist

    ‘Robust trees with black trunks, roots anchored in the marshy ground’. Searching for the essence and power. In the shelter of his studio ‘the tree’ became Keizers latest challenge.

    A dog, a match or a shoe, Keizer observes the world around him and turns every day life into art. Peter paints and sculpts from his personal appreciation of the studied object and gives his world a new life, a new personal dimension. He presents his world in a way such that it is difficult not be uplifted and feel cheered up. Keizer paints in a clear and direct way, using bright colours and strong shapes. He travelled through China and the richness of the Chinese culture inspired his work.

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