Flores de Verano by Kees Salentijn
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Flores de Verano 2019

Kees Salentijn

CanvasAcrylic paintOil paintPaint
80 ⨯ 100 cm
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Okker Art Gallery

  • About the artwork
    Kees Salentijn’s work is characterized by diversity. According to himself, one means is not necessarily better than the other in art, as long as it is used correctly. One day Salentijn works figuratively classical or expressively abstract. The other day again childishly naive.

    One of the many characteristics of Salentijn’s works is the experimental and diverse use of different materials. Drawings with pen, brush and / or pencil, but he also uses acrylic paint on canvas, collages, gouaches or a combination of these techniques.

    Kees Salentijn mainly draws inspiration from Spain. The topics vary from the culture, the crowded Spanish beaches, dancing, walking ladies on beautiful boulevards, landscapes, parties. These themes are alternated rapidly. His works not only characterize great versatility, but also underline his fiery passion for the most diverse styles in art.
  • About the artist

    Kees Salentijn is a Dutch figurative painter, born in 1947. Salentijn attended the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam with O.B. Kat as his mentor. He studies paintings from Prado in Madrid and stays a period with a Berber family in Marokko.

    In the 1980s Salentijn traveled a lot to Spain. He feels connected to the artists and their different styles and combines the happy CoBrA-images with the influences of the Spanish culture.

    The death of matador Paguiri is the starting point for Salentijn to create his first corrida paintings. He combined these to form the “Les folues d’Espargne” which he exhibits in Amsterdam.

    In the late 1980s Salentijn works between Venlo and Amsterdam where he stays with friends. In the early 1990s he moves into a n art space in Amsterdam where he starts a period of rapid production. His work is characterised by experimental use of pencils, pens, gouaches and acryllic, all in combination with graphics and prints. There is no ‘better than’ and bases his style on the denial of this principle.

    Salentijn gets his inspiration from Spain, the culture, landcape, beaches etc. His works always have Spanish titles.

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