Gallo Romain I by Mari Minato
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Gallo Romain I 2016

Mari Minato

PaperAcrylic paintPaint
120 ⨯ 160 cm
€ 2.500

Kers Gallery

  • About the artist

    Minato's work, characterized by just a few simple marks, lines, or shapes, involves extended surfaces and the surrounding space. The unique format of simultaneously split and continuous surfaces resembles the pages of her sketchbooks, wherein she records her impressions of indigenous cultures and ancient civilizations; i.e. Gallic, Gallo-Roman, etc. Minato's own aesthetic upbringing stems from diverse backgrounds. The gestural and yet restrained brushstrokes trace back to her study of traditional Japanese painting. It is characterized by the application of a fluid and sensual line drawn on a surface intentionally left white. The acrylic medium and the dominant abstract form of her work are the result of her training as a contemporary artist. These works defy description as either painting or drawing, occidental or oriental, object or environment.


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