Give Them Wings – New Moments by Michaela Kindle
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Give Them Wings – New Moments 2020

Michaela Kindle

100 ⨯ 67 ⨯ 3 cm
€ 2.500

Gallery 54

  • About the artwork
    Give Them Wings – from the series' New Moments' by Michaela Kindle
    Printed on HD Finish aluminium with forex.
    €2.500,00 incl. BTW
  • About the artist

    Michaela Kindle is a photographer born and raised in Germany who studied photography in Los Angeles. During her time in Los Angeles and London she discovered her passion to create 'new moments': digital compositions of images that mix reality and imaginary world, silence and action, past and present.

    With her surreal themes she creates images in which dreams and fairytales merge into 1 image.

    In the series "Fragments of a Forgotten Symphony", Kindle collaborates with the photographer González.

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