Groningen  by Nicolaes Visscher
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Groningen 1684

Nicolaes Visscher

€ 650

Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge

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    THE CITY AND LANE OF GRONINGEN "Groningae et Omlandiae Dominium vulgo de Provincie van Stadt en Lande", copper engraving made by A. Hogeboom, published by Nicolaes Visscher as part of his "Germania Inferior...". in 1684. Coloured by hand in time. Dim. 46 x 56 cm. Nicolaes Visscher II produced this map of the City and Country of Groningen together with the Wehe-born nobleman Ludolf Tjarda van Starkenborgh. Compared to earlier maps of the area, here and there small changes have been made. For instance, the settlements around Sappemeer have been depicted in more detail and the city of Groningen, surrounded by its seventeen dwellings, has been depicted more beautifully and topographically precise than before. The zijlen in the Old Provincial Dike have not been forgotten either, and furthermore, the map contains several abandoned houses and tollbooths. A number of lakes depicted by earlier mapmakers are named here, such as the Lijskemeer north of Bourtange and the lakes near Opwierde and Meedhuizen. Lakes have also been added and this is undoubtedly due to the progress of the peat extraction. In the south of Vredewold, Van Starkenborgh gives three moorings which in reality were much smaller and lay on a west-east, instead of a south-west-north-east line. They would disappear by draining, just like the Hoetmansmeer indicated near Wildervank. The nearby dykes point to systematic peat extraction along the Leekster Hoofddiep. The lake near De Punt mentioned here for the first time is not the Paterswoldse Meer or the Freische Veen. These would only come into being later in the Onland area north of Paterswolde. South of Woltersum two circles mark Wester- and Oostermeer. The Olderkerkerk Lake, now long gone and forgotten, is still marked. Like many other lakes it would disappear completely from the map in the 19th century due to drainage. Price: Euro 650,-

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