Korenveld Nieuweschans by Johan Dijkstra
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About the artwork

Signed bottom left
Provenance: Collection Ter Braake, Meppel: this painting was donated in 1940 by the commonalty this to the resigning Mayer of Nieuweschans, mr. Ter Braake. For that occasion, Dijkstra added ‘Nieuweschans 1940’ to commemorate this gift.
On the back of this painting, Jan Nagtegaal discovered a second painting. It shows a female nude, according to Nagtegaal the wife of Dijkstra.

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Johan Dijkstra was a major Dutch Expressionist. He lived and worked in Groningen, where, along with artists like Jan Wiegers and Jan Altink, he was a member of De Ploeg painters' circle. His subject matter was chiefly the local landscape and portraits.
He also made expressive sketches of everyday life on the streets and in the cafes. Influenced by German Expressionism, Kirchner’s use of colour became increasingly bolder between 1923 and 1929 and his forms freer.