Marina di Palermo by Antonio Senape
Marina di Palermo by Antonio Senape
Marina di Palermo by Antonio Senape
Marina di Palermo by Antonio Senape

Marina di Palermo 1834

Antonio Senape

23 ⨯ 32 cm
€ 875

Robert Schreuder Antiquair

  • About the artwork
    Antonio Senape: 'Marina di Palermo’, signed and dated 1834. Drawing in brown and black ink with traces of pencil. Border and location description in ink. Lower left mention of -probaly- the first owner of this drawing. Senape was born in Rome around 1788 but worked mainly in Naples and southern Italy. He was very active in the period between 1820 and 1840, making vedute for Grand Tourists who stayed in Naples. These travelers often bought an entire album with drawings (some worked as panorama) as a reminder of their Grand Tour.
    Little is known of the life of Senape, he probably died in 1842. Simular drawings by Senape can be found in the Nelson collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the Museo Nazionale di S. Martino Naples and several private collections.
    Dimensions including frame 30.5 x 39.5 cm.
  • About the artist
    Antonio Senape, born in Rome in 1788, is often mentioned as one of the most prolific Italian "vedutisti" from the 19th century. There is little information known about his peronal life. Only one document, written by himself at the age of 27, discusses his date of birth and his residence in Rome. This lack of information about Senape himself seems contradictory to the fact that a great quantity of his drawings has survived the test of time. This way, a sense of reconstruction can be given to his personal life, because of his many depictions of buildings around Naples and Rome and accompanying inscriptions.

    While he was born in Rome, the artist felt closer to the city of Naples, even though he lived and worked throughout all of Italy up to Switzerland. An album of over 100 drawings of landscapes underlines this in a beautiful way.

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