Mother and Childe by Svetlana Tartakovska
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Svetlana Tartakovska

Mother and Childe 2010

PaintOil paintPanel
125 ⨯ 90 cm
€ 19.500

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About the artwork

Käthe Kollwitz' work was Svetalana's inspiration for this painting. The essence of this work is the feeling of well-being and safety in the hands of the mother. The child completely trusts its mother and can go to sleep undisturbed. Mother's lap is a safe 'haven' for the child but it is also pleasant for the mother; she takes care of the child and realises it will come to no harm. This carefree moment of peace and safety will not last forever though, as nothing will ever last forever. The child will grow up in a troubled world with all kinds of dangers. But for now there is no need for anxiety or fear and it gives the mother a moment of happiness. This painting is part of a series of seven paintings with a religious touch, e.g. about the life of Jesus.

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