no title by Siep van den Berg
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Siep van den Berg

no title 1985

Acrylate Canvas
90 ⨯ 110 cm
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Berg, Sijbren Ridsert ('Siep') van den; Tirns 1913 - 1999 Amsterdam
Title: no title, acrylics on canvas 4 juli 1985
110 x 90 cm., verso on sticker monogrammed: 'SvdB', '90 x 110 nr. 372 en 8541'
Provenance: work shop Siep van den Berg Amsterdam, purchased Augustus 1985, private collection
'Kind van Mondriaan: Siep van den Berg', Museum Dr8888 in Drachten, April 22th -Juli 8th, 2018
Simon Deinum; 'Dichter bij Siep', Sijbren Ridsert van den Berg (1913 - 1998) Biografie, Wijdemeer Leeuwarden 2014. Zie voor vergelijkbare schilderijen blz. 299, 309,319 en 338
Han Steenbruggen e.a.; 'Siep van den Berg sinds 1913', Vereniging De Koepel, Siep van den Berg, Amsterdam 1998. see similar work on page 90 and 91
In 1978, when Siep started painting again after his paralysis disease. From that moment on he never signed and dated a composition again. This work was painted in the mid-nineties (when Van den Berg was 80 years)

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Sijbren Ritsert (Siep) van den Berg was a Dutch painter and sculptor, born in Tirns on 14 January 1913. He died in Amsterdam on 27 October 1998. The son of a smith, Van den Berg went to the technical school. He became a decorator, but he also made paintings. Between 1930 and 1933 he took evening classes drawing and painting at the Academie Minerva (State Academy of Fine Arts) in the city of Groningen. There, he studied under Jan Altink. After graduating from the art academy, he established an advertising agency, along with Oscar Gubitz. From 1939 Van den Berg rent a summer-house in Groningen, where he had set up his studio. After the Second World War, he visited Paris a number of times and took classes at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. He settled in Amsterdam in 1954, where he had his studio at the Brouwersgracht. Initially, Van den Berg made free paintings, but his style developed from naturalism through impressionism and cubism to constructivism. Van den Berg also was a self-taught sculptor, creating various sculptures in the Netherlands, including Lijnenspel (1963-1964, Stadskanaal); Libbensline (1983, Tirns); Vrijstaand sculptuur (1972, Groningen); Top en Twel (1982, Oppenhuizen); Beeld van de bevrijde vogel (1994, Amsterdam).