No title by Willem Schrofer
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Willem Schrofer

No title 1953 - 1963

PaintOil paint
60 ⨯ 80 cm

About the artwork

Schrofer, Wilhelmus ('Willem'); Den Haag 1898 - 1968 Leiden
Titel: Stilleven met kannen en fruit , olie op doek
60 x 80 cm., gemonogrammeerd en dubbel gedateerd r.o. 'W.S. '53' '62'
Herkomst: particuliere collectie 's-Gravenhage
Literatuur; Elsje Drewes met inleiding door Cor Blok; ' Willem Schrofer [1898 - 1968]
Schilder, noncorformist', zie: blz. 94, Walburg Pers, Zutphen

About the Artist

Willem Schrofer was a Dutch painter who was born in The Hague on 6 March 1898, he died in Leiden on 22 September 1968. In 1913 Schrofer enrolled in the National Training College in Nijmegen. Later he studied under William Henry Bik at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After his military service, he became a drawing teacher in The Hague. Between 1937 and 1963 he was a teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. From 1943 to 1949 he taught at the Instituut Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs which later became the Rietveld Academie. Among his pupils were: Hermanus Berserik, Toon Wegner and Co Westerik. Schrofer was one of the founders of the Verve group. In 1963, he established a studio in Voorschoten, located in an old bakery on the Molenlaan. Schrofer was a versatile artist, producing paintings in different styles. During the 1930s and 1940s, he made abstract art. From 1948, at the beginning of the Cobra movement, he began creating figurative paintings. Schrofer has inspired the students of the so-called Nieuwe Haagse School art movement.