NT (2016hvd24) by Hein van Delft
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Hein van Delft

NT (2016hvd24) 2000 - 2016

CardboardMixed mediaPaintAcrylic paintSeedsBirch Seeds
60 ⨯ 42 cm
€ 1.500

gallery 9 contemporary art

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About the Artist

Hein van Delft was born in Tilburg in 1951. After graduating as a landscape architect he became a self-taught visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. Inspired by his work as landscape architect, he is fascinated by the beauty of nature, its history and the role of humans in it. In particular he is interested in the characteristic cultural landscape of the Province of Friesland. In recent years he has focused on the peat area “De Deelen” in Friesland. He searches and collects usable material from this area including peat, charcoal, ash, leaves, seeds and moss. He applies the different materials on wooden panels. These mostly abstract “matter-paintings” which usually have a geometrical structure possess their own expressive power, beauty and serenity. In his work he tries to search for the interplay between the organic material, natural forms and the imprints of the man-made landscape. He exhibited his paintings in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag during the summer exhibition in 2015 and his work has been included in various private collections.