NT (Tree girl) by Karin Bos
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Karin Bos

NT (Tree girl) 2000 - 2016

37.50 ⨯ 53.50 cm

About the Artist

Karin Bos studied at the Amsterdam School of Fine Arts. She lives and works as a visual artist in Amsterdam. Her main media are painting, drawing and printing.
People are the focus point of her work. Main characters are usually girls or women. Especially mutual relative power and relations have her interest. Frictions and inequality in these relationships is a recurrent theme. For instance between man and woman, or adult and child, or children amongst each other, group behavior versus the loner. When the pursuit of harmony fails, it becomes interesting for her work.

In her recent work there is a shift towards the landscape. Karin Bos asked herself if she could tell something about people without having them literally in sight. It resulted in fairytale-like landscapes with an ominous undertone, where always something odd is present. These 'Slightly Creepy Camping Sites' are paintings of barns, sheds and abandoned caravans in harsh landscapes which get their suspense no longer by the act or look of the main character, but by the use of color, light and the way it is painted. Important in her work is the suggestion. It evokes a cinematic world, a world of stories, where nothing is what it seems, and where a merry holiday scene could as well be the site of a terrible crime. This tension, this ambiguity is what interests Karin Bos as an artist.